Five books that are not worth reading.

I used to ask friends to recommend a book, I don’t do that anymore. When it comes to literature it is practically impossible to guess what a person likes, it’s really hard to find people who like the same books that you do. Here I decided to list books that I read and found that they were sooo not worth reading. I don’t mean to offend anyone, I just wonder how many people see things the way I do.
1. The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan. When I started reading this book my first thoughts were “Man that’s a lot of word “anus”!” Seriously, anus everywhere: soft anus, small anus, wet anus, this word is almost on every page. One of the chapters is actually called “Fuckkilleat” or something. There were times when I though “Why am I reading this? What’s wrong with me?” Anyway, this book definitely wasn’t worth reading for me.
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Marriage to a foreigner.

To marry a foreigner can be exciting. You are getting married a person of a different background. That's why it can be pretty difficult for both of you. Especially for you in case you are going to move to another place. Some women do not care much and decide to move to another country. The things get worse if you do not speak his native language. Well, there are many girls who are dreaming to move to the States without knowing a word in English. And it turns out to be okay for them at first sight. The scenario reminds me a plot of a drama Birthday Girl by Jez Butterworth. Things go too fast and you can hardly control the situation.

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Your teen daughter is pregnant.

This news could hardly make you happy. Nevertheless you should support your child who feels no less confused and lost. It seems like parents in the situation are the only people who could help. Obviously it was unplanned pregnancy. She is frightened and probably is ashamed. Her classmates are discussing the details of her private life, the teachers at school are criticizing her as well. Even though you are angry with your irresponsible daughter or even shocked you should support her. Well, you can change nothing. Your kid needs your love and appreciation most of all and that’s it. Her life has changed. And there is no point to blame her or criticize. It would be the easiest way in the situation. Get rid of negative feelings and thoughts. You should move on and there is no point in dwelling on it again and again. You should help her to solve the problem.

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Signs you should break up.

Sometimes it may happen so that you are disappointed in your partner. And it seems to you that there is no point to be together. Today I would like to share the list of signs you should break up.

When your relations are bad you should think whether you need this person. I do not understand those girls who want to be with their boyfriends who are emotionally and physically abusive. You shouldn’t endure it. No one should. In case your boyfriend is beating you then just leave him without thinking. There are no excuses in this case. I do not believe they would change. Well, it happens almost never.

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Interesting Ways to Reach Your Goals

It is used to believe that purposeful people fly to their aim, or walk to eat if they can not fly, or crawl to towards it if they can not walk or lie in the direction of this aim if they can not crawl to it. However, this stubbornness is not the only way to reach your dream.

  • Be lazy deliberately. The most common obstacle on the way to your dream is your laziness. The reverse side of laziness is the sense of guilt. The lazier we are, the lower our self-respect becomes. In order to get rid of this sense of guilt you should legalize your laziness and accept this condition as necessary for you. However, you should establish strict time limits – for instance, be absolutely lazy for two hours and then start working actively.

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Shoes For Summer

When you buy something for summer the main thing is – a list. You should make a list of what you need first and then go and buy what you need. Women tend to spend money impulsively and buy more clothes / shoes than they actually need. We all remember Carry Bradshaw from the “Sex And The City” and her addiction to shoes, she had hundreds of them, there were shoes she had never worn.

If you don’t have much money to spend on shoes here is the list you may stick to. All you need for summer is:

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What to Do If You Can’t Find a Job

Have you been seeking for a good job for a weak? Or maybe you can't find any job for more than a month already? No employer wants to hire you and the ones who want usually offer the doubtful positions in the completely futureless companies. Is it worthy to get employed only to make the both ends meet? Well, everything depends upon the situation but there is always point in acting confidently and getting along. In that cases it i recommended to do the following things generally.

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Situations you should avoid in a relationship.

Nothing lasts forever. But if you really want to have a long-lasting relationship you should keep in mind the following rules.

Be honest with your partner. At the very beginning you would try to make a positive impression on him. Well, just be yourself and do not lie your partner. He likes you as you are but not a perfect image of you. If you are not self confident person then you shouldn't bother him. I mean men do not like self-pitiful women. Sooner or later it would irritate him. Men are looking for self-confidend and secure women.

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New Ideas for Your Hobby

If you have already become a master of knitting, crochet and embroidery and can knit a sweater using only one hand you are probably in search for something new and interesting to entertain yourself. Or, maybe, you are just not fond of traditional hobbies and want to reveal your talent in some original occupation. In both cases, you may find the following ideas for your hobby of some interest.

For instance, you may try fusing. It is an interesting technique of heating glass which will allow you to create nice decorations, plates or even stained-glass windows. Different pieces of glass – transparent, colored, mat or glistering – are first cut with a glass cutter. Then they are laid on a sheet and heated in a special oven. This technology was first used in the ancient Egypt and became extremely popular nowadays.

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What your boyfriend expects from you.

It is really very important to realize what men expect from women. Sometimes it seems like you do not understand him and have nothing in common. Well, you can be mistaken. If something offends you it doesn't mean that you are not compatible. Just be more patient and calm. Let's see what men expect from women.

Men want women to be direct. It happens quite often you may confuse your boyfriend. How come? Sometimes you simply want him to guess your expectations and needs. Well, to tell the truth it doesn't work. If you want something just tell him about it. I know that all these guessing games are annoying. Sometimes it drives them crazy. If he understands you and likes you he would do everything for you.

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