Israel – Wonder of the World

Knights and pomegranate wine, cabbala and rare birds, beaches and the Wailing Wall – it seems that small Israel comprises all wonders of both modern and ancient world. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of historic past and breathe the air of religious sanctities while enjoying extremely friendly climate your travel destination is Israel, the Promised Land.

You should start your acquaintance with this country with visiting Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and the saint city for three religions. Christians, Muslims and Jews come to Jerusalem to pray in ancient temples, touch their religious sanctities, and follow the sorrowful path of the Jesus Christ (Via Dolorosa). You should also visit Holy Sepulcher where you can have a look on the scrolls of the Dead Sea which are more than 2000 years old. And, of course, the Wailing Wall, the place which attracts thousands of pilgrims, is also situated there. You can put down your dream, roll the sheet of paper in a pipe and push it through the ancient stones. It is believed that all pleas will be heard on heaven. It is also interesting to walk in the old part of Jerusalem – Ir David. It presents picturesque ruins of buildings which were created by King David. Walking along narrow paths and steps you will feel like you are in another dimension and civilization.

However, Jerusalem is interesting not only as the monument of culture and history. It is a modern, dynamic, living rich cultural life megalopolis – museums, festivals and concerts are everywhere.

If you travel north from Jerusalem you will come to the land of Galilee, which is ideal for growing olives and grapes. You can taste different sorts of wine, even pomegranate wine which is something unforgettable!

While being in this region, you are completely bound to visit a huge natural park Hula where you can observe rare species of birds and animals in their natural environment. There are no cages or aviaries, and the territory is so huge that it is better to cross it by car or by bicycle. Here you can also come to the head of the river Jordan, the water of which is said to have healing power. Tourists from all over the world come there to undertake the rite of christening. The legend also says that if you dip some item in the river and do not wash it afterwards it will help you to cure of different diseases.

If you feel that you have had enough of cultural and historical heritage you should go to Tel Aviv where you will enjoy kilometers of golden sandy beaches and warm Mediterranean Sea – an excellent opportunity to relax after saturated sightseeing program. If you still want a piece of culture you can visit Jaffo – the ancient part of Tel Aviv which used to be a separate town. Nowadays the ancient buildings host art galleries, jewelry workshops and souvenir stores. Instead of numbers of the houses and names of the streets there are small murals depicting signs of the Zodiac which adds charm to this place.


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