15 Interesting Facts About Poland

1.Ecological situation in Poland is much better than in the neighboring countries. You won’t find pariah dogs in the streets or a pile of litter in the middle of the road. There are no nuclear power plants here, so the air is pretty clean.

2. Poles don’t like 2 nations: Germans in Russians. Nonetheless, they are pretty friendly.

3. For those who don’t speak Pole this language sounds like hissing.

4. ‘Spoko’ is a universal Pole word that people use in any situation. It means ‘relax’ or ‘keep it cool’.

5. Pole girls are very beautiful. Unlike girls in many other Western European countries, girls in Poland dress with taste, don’t wear 3 inches of makeup and don’t look vulgar.

6. People in Poland are obsessed with soups. Any festive menu includes some sort of soup. The most popular ones are mushroom soup and borsch.

7. In spite of a common belief, Pole don’t drink too much. But they believe that people in Finland drink Mon-Sun, 24/7, and that Germans can drink 5 liters of beer at one sitting.

8. People in Poland are very sporty. They go jogging, love swimming and are obsessed with soccer. Obesity isn’t common there.

9. If you want to get a driver license in Poland, get ready to pass the tests from 3 to 5 tim4es in a row. This is the vestige of old corrupted system. Nowadays you can’t bribe your instructor because all the cars are supplied with cameras, but these instructors don’t want to lose their money so they will deliberately force you to fail the tests and pay for second/third tries.

10. 85% of buildings in Warsaw were destroyed during the World War II. After that the city was hastily re-built, and many buildings are pretty ugly frame-and-panel houses. That’s why many citizens don’t like Warsaw – they find it dull and drab.

11. Abortions are illegal in Poland.

12. People in Poland are very religious. Most of them are Catholics.

13. Local youth speaks English fluently. They study it at school, take special English classes and pass the exams. Almost every employer requires a good English level.

14. Most movies in the cinemas are shown with no dubbing (cartoons for kids are the only exception). Probably, that’s another reason of good English level.

15. High school graduation party is thrown 100 days before the graduation. Thus, the kids celebrate graduation before actual finals.

16. Western part of Poland is more developed from the economical point of view, so Western inhabitants often complain that they have to ‘feed’ their poorer Eastern neighbors.

17. People started emigrating from Poland in early 90s. Later, when the economical situation became better, many people returned to Poland.

18. Poles call any sneakers ‘Adidasy’.

19. Kebab is the most beloved fast food in this country.

20. Roads in Poland are disaster. But the local authorities are working on this issue and build new roads.

21. Poles are punctual. They hate being late, and everything works according to schedules.


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