In Love We Trust

The real intimacy begins with trust. If the two of you can not be sincere and suspect each other in all possible sins, the feeling of internal loneliness is inevitable. The elimination of psychological distance is a cooperative process which requires some efforts from both of you.

The first rule of es6tablishing trust is to speak openly about your feelings. It concerns not only love and admiration, but also your reaction on some of his actions you do not like. Be calm and confident, speak without hysteria and accusations. Of course, there should be a mystery in woman, but it is better to hide this mystery not in the sphere of feelings.

Do not ask your man about his past. By doing so, you make him defend himself and lie to you. To know him better, ask questions which he will like to answer – about his childhood, tastes, aims. Do not judge him too severe as out-and-out estimations are not a good motivation for story-telling.

Some simple actions can also add much to the creation of the sense of intimacy. For example, play in different games together, such as chess, drafts or other board games. If it is a team game, try to play in one team. It is also useful to create the sense of comfort in your couple, besides, it will not be difficult at all. Put a sugar-basin closer to your partner or turn a laptop to him while you are watching photos. These simple procedures will show him that you care for him and make him more open. Do not forget also about hugs and warm words – they will draw him closer to you as well.

Do not discuss your man with his friends. It is not recommended also to share all details of your relations with your own friends. Decide what is more important for you – to outspeak or to preserve the depth of your relations.

If the crisis of trust threatens your relations, try to define the reasons of it. May be you behave insincere and your man feels it. Or it is him who began to lie to you. Another reason is that you or he started to impose too much control on the partner. It is also possible, that the crisis of trust is caused by your uncertainty in yourself, your status in your couple or relations.

Do not ignore the role of trust in your relations, as it is the basis of love and the indicator of the stability of your couple.


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