Solving unsolvable problems.

Imagine the situation when you face a choice and you have to decide here and now between two options. At the same time you are not satisfied with both of them. For example, you have to decide whether to stay with your significant other or leave for an internship you have been dreaming about for a long period of time. Or let’s say you can’t decide what sphere you would like to devote yourself. You simply can’t choose between art history and architecture as both fields seem to be attractive and interesting. But in fact you do not like the very idea of making a choice. And it seems to you that no matter what choice you would make none of the options are satisfying. Of course it makes you feel sad and hopeless.

First of all you should realize that the situation you have found yourself is not hopeless at all. You have created it and you are able to solve it. Then what should you do? Well, it seems to you that you have to decide finally and choose the most appropriate option which would satisfy you. At the same time psychologists advise in the case to get rid of those options. In fact no matter what would you choose it won’t be compatible with your expectations and would hardly satisfy you. You would think that you’d better do another choice and that it was a mistake. In this case you should realize that there are more possibilities and options in your life than you could imagine yourself. Do not limit yourself restricting your choice. It is senseless. Think about variety of things that may happen to you. So what’s the point to limit your choice when it makes you feel desperate? You should abstract away from the situation and try to look at it from a different point of view estimating all the pros and cons.


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