Course for the Beginners

Unfinished scarf is forgotten somewhere in your wardrobe, manual for studying French acquires a new layer of dust on the shelf, your season ticket to local fitness club has already expired – is this picture familiar to you? If so, my congratulations – you belong to a huge group of the “beginners” – people who are full of interesting ideas and useful projects but who can not lead any of the up to the end.

First of all, note that there is no need to panic. Let’s take, for instance, Leonardo da Vinci – his mezzanine was full of unfinished projects, paintings, murals as well. However, such famous neighborhood is not the reason to relax – it is a way better to learn how cope with unfinished tasks once and for all.

Step no 1. You should consider, whether it is suitable time for starting some new project. Estimate your knowledge, power, will and the amount of spare time which you will need for completing the mission. If something is lack, it is better to fill in the gap before starting to work on your idea.

Step no. 2. You should set concrete time limits, but note that these limits should be the reasonable ones. Your aims should be clearly established as well. “Improving French” sounds pretty obscure while “learning 100 French words every day” is something you can actually achieve.

Step no. 3. Enjoy the process of work. If to think of your project like of some duty you are bound to perform, it will start annoying you soon. You should receive positive emotions from what are you doing. If you find it hard, you can concentrate on the result of your work and imagine how great it will be to update your wardrobe completely after a year of attending a fitness center, for instance.

Step no. 4. Do not get obsessed with your task. If you are involved in a long-term project it is useful to make a break from time to time. Try to shift your attention to some other tasks – in this case you will return to the main project refreshed and full of positive energy.

Step no. 5. Do not be a perfectionist. Perfectionism is a quality which can prevent you from realizing that the project is already complete. You can update and improve it over and over again, so it is essential to define the moment when you should stop.


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