Frederic Beigbeder – the Hero of Our Time

Usually I m not interested in mainstream literature. I think that what is liked by everybody is created with the purpose of earning much money and please the audience rather than with the purpose of telling the truth. Besides, modern writers suppose, for some obscure reason, that the ruder the narration is the more attention it will attract. Frederic Beigbeder, a modern French writer, is not ashamed to use rude and cynic style as well, but in this case this rudeness appears to be grounded.

Beigbeder is the poet of the modern world who is not afraid to present it in ugly and disgusting light. He tells the truth and that is what I like about his books. My acquaintance with his works began with “99 Franks” and the world of advertisement business has captured me at once. The main hero, Octave Parango presents a characteristic image of a modern man who seems to have achieved something in life but do not know what to do with his success or with his life itself, like most of the modern people, by the way.

Then came a few days with “Love lives three years”. This story is cynic as well but at the same time it is weirdly romantic. The main attraction of this book is that the heroes do not pretend – they do not wrap their love in the beautiful paper of lie. The novel gives us hope that even in this mad world where all values have become insignificant, love still exists and can save us from emptiness.

The third novel of Beigbeder which I have read was “Ideal” – the story about search for perfect beauty in Russia. Octave who is already known to the readers from “99 Franks” travels to Russia to find an ideal image for his ad. Beauty is viewed as some material thing which can be bought or sold and everybody try to make this business more profitable for themselves.

Beigbeder identifies himself with his main character, Octave Parango who lives seemingly aimless life but still continues the search of his own truth. What make the books of this author so interesting is not only deep philosophical concept but cynic jokes, humorous style and the ability of the writer to laugh at himself as well as at the rest of humanity. So, if you are ready to become a bit more realistic and cynical, it is time for you to meet Octave.


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