What your boyfriend expects from you.

It is really very important to realize what men expect from women. Sometimes it seems like you do not understand him and have nothing in common. Well, you can be mistaken. If something offends you it doesn't mean that you are not compatible. Just be more patient and calm. Let's see what men expect from women.

Men want women to be direct. It happens quite often you may confuse your boyfriend. How come? Sometimes you simply want him to guess your expectations and needs. Well, to tell the truth it doesn't work. If you want something just tell him about it. I know that all these guessing games are annoying. Sometimes it drives them crazy. If he understands you and likes you he would do everything for you.

Men need freedom. And I'm not talking about open marriage or something like that. You just shouldn't restrict his freedom. If he wants to hang out along with his friends then just let him do it. I know it can be too difficult for the first time. But he can't stay by you all the time. It is just impossible. Have fun with your friends as well. Remember that men hate to be manipulated. If he wants something just let him do it. Trust your partner. Your relations should be based on trust and understanding.

Do not be too judgmental. If he fails doing something it means nothing. He learns from his mistakes. Say him directly what you really need and want. Too much criticism would hurt him and may even destroy your relations. Explain him what you want to get and what you expect from him. At the same time try not to be too demanding. Sooner or later it may bother him.

Be supportive and helpful. Your partner should realize that you would never leave him in a difficult situation. He should know you will be by his side whatever happens to him. Strangely enough but it is very important for men.

Men do not like when women are complaining. Of course you may share your feelings and thoughts. But try to be more self-confident. To tell the truth guys to not like much self pity women. It irritates sometimes. Think independently and positively. But please try not to overdo. Just keep balance and everything will be okay. It turns out that many things are easier than you think.

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