New Ideas for Your Hobby

If you have already become a master of knitting, crochet and embroidery and can knit a sweater using only one hand you are probably in search for something new and interesting to entertain yourself. Or, maybe, you are just not fond of traditional hobbies and want to reveal your talent in some original occupation. In both cases, you may find the following ideas for your hobby of some interest.

For instance, you may try fusing. It is an interesting technique of heating glass which will allow you to create nice decorations, plates or even stained-glass windows. Different pieces of glass – transparent, colored, mat or glistering – are first cut with a glass cutter. Then they are laid on a sheet and heated in a special oven. This technology was first used in the ancient Egypt and became extremely popular nowadays.

Temari is another interesting and creating occupation. It is the art of Japanese threaded balls which is not so difficult to learn. It presents creating of balls by interlacing threads of different colors. You can also take pieces of cloth and make your ball from it. Then cover the ball with a layer of threads and make a draft of a picture or pattern to embroider.

Quilling is a kind of paper filigree which presents original and fascinating form of art. It was invented by the medieval monks who rolled the stripes of golden paper with the help of quills. Then they glued the pieces together and gave it the necessary shape. Using this technique, you can decorate cards; create souvenirs, pictures and paper flowers. There is also dimension quilling which allows you to make 3D objects of art.

In felting, as you can guess from its name, you should felt the wool in order to create different funny toys. It is, probably, the most cozy and truly autumn hobby which warms both your soul and body. To try this kind of activity you will need the wool for felting, needles with notches, items for decoration, soft soap and your fantasy, of course. When you will become good at felting, you can try nano felting which presents felting wet wool on silk.

These unusual hobbies will keep you busy during long autumn evenings. Besides, with the help of them you will be able to create exclusive hand made gifts for your friends and decorations for yourself. And, as you can see, these hobbies do not require much equipment or special training, so you can start right now!

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