Situations you should avoid in a relationship.

Nothing lasts forever. But if you really want to have a long-lasting relationship you should keep in mind the following rules.

Be honest with your partner. At the very beginning you would try to make a positive impression on him. Well, just be yourself and do not lie your partner. He likes you as you are but not a perfect image of you. If you are not self confident person then you shouldn't bother him. I mean men do not like self-pitiful women. Sooner or later it would irritate him. Men are looking for self-confidend and secure women.

Do not control his life. And never restrict his freedom especially at the very beginning. It may ruin your relationship. Sometimes it is really difficult for guys to change their lifestyles. It means that he would like to keep doing absolutely everything he has done in his life. They say habit is the second nature. Then what's the point to change it? Be careful.

Jealousy. Well, this is a problem if you are jealous. It is really difficult to control your feelings. Of course it depends on the situation. But if you are jealous person then it is about you not him. Are you sure he is provoking? Then think if you can trust this person. If you can't then what for to be with him? Guys can't stand when their girlfriends are calling and texting them messages endlessly. Sometimes it is really annoying. Your relationship should be based on trust. And of course it concerns both of you.

Sometimes you should compromise. Probably both of you are competitive. But this relationship is about you and your partner or simply about your ego? What are you going to prove? Your aim is to prove you are better him? It is ridiculous! I mean you should simply enjoy your relationship. Your relationship is not a competition. You can compete with your colleagues, even with your friends but not with your partner. The same concerns your needs. Do not demand too much. You can't get everything here and now. You should learn it as well.

Some girls behave as if they are victims and as if they are sacrificing their interests. Well, it would eventually worsen the situation. What's the point to be with a person who you are blaming all the time? It seems to you you are a good girl and he is just the wrong guy? You are simply different. You accept things in a different way. And what seems extremely important to you is not evident to your boyfriend. You should realize it. And if he missed something you shouldn't go mad about it. Keeping score is not okay. It would hurt your feelings and you would be disappointed in your relationship.

And finally do not play guessing games. If you really want something and if you expect something from your partner you simply should tell him about it. As the rule guys fail to guess what you really want. And every single time he fails you are going mad.

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