What to Do If You Can’t Find a Job

Have you been seeking for a good job for a weak? Or maybe you can't find any job for more than a month already? No employer wants to hire you and the ones who want usually offer the doubtful positions in the completely futureless companies. Is it worthy to get employed only to make the both ends meet? Well, everything depends upon the situation but there is always point in acting confidently and getting along. In that cases it i recommended to do the following things generally.

Choose the companies with a significant chance ti success in the list of the ones which offer the vacancies that actually don't suit your qualification. (For example you have a diploma in law but appear to be offered a position of sales manager). Try to find out if there are the desired positions in that companies even if they are currently occupied.

Go to the interview and accept the offer.

Do you best to be noticed by your boss in order to be promoted and finally get the position that really matches your qualification level and meets your demands. Establish the mutually favorable relationships with your new colleagues and be helpful using your skills. Imagine that an office manager who has a diploma in law gives some advice concerning some juridical matters. That won't be left without any attention from the boss. Any boss would better promote his bright employee than search for another person to occupy the vacancy.

If you nave been rejected but the vacancy seemed to be promising one don't give in. There can be any reason for rejection but the most common sound as following. "We've already found the candidate", "We'll call you back", "We don't need to extend out staff". Be more persistent. Call back yourself, present your own working plan and propose to work for some days for free. Your efforts will be appreciated. This may sound like a mere nonsense if a candidate offers his help for free. But there is a large number of cases when a company appreciated the efforts and desire to work of the candidates and the last finally got the position as an appreciation of their hard work. That is a good way to prove that you have enough skills to cope with the task even if you lack experience. By the way more and more HR managers ask their interviewees if they are ready to work in the company for two of three days without receiving any salary in order to evaluate their abilities and perspectives.


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