Interesting Ways to Reach Your Goals

It is used to believe that purposeful people fly to their aim, or walk to eat if they can not fly, or crawl to towards it if they can not walk or lie in the direction of this aim if they can not crawl to it. However, this stubbornness is not the only way to reach your dream.

  • Be lazy deliberately. The most common obstacle on the way to your dream is your laziness. The reverse side of laziness is the sense of guilt. The lazier we are, the lower our self-respect becomes. In order to get rid of this sense of guilt you should legalize your laziness and accept this condition as necessary for you. However, you should establish strict time limits – for instance, be absolutely lazy for two hours and then start working actively.

2.Replace your watch with compass. It means that you should switch your attention from urgent issues to the most important ones. When you define what is really important for you, you will start moving in the right direction. It is more useful than moving faster but to some unknown destination. Total busyness brings sense to our existence that’s why we often live in the coordinates of urgency.

3.Listen to your body. The ability to listen to our body and accept the help from it is a skill we almost forget how to use. Try, for instance, remember the sensation you experience when you are on the top – describe it with your gestures and try to guess what it means. This exercise may seem stupid in the beginning but it will help you to hear what your body wants to tell you.

4.Be indifferent. Sobriety is essential for reaching success so do not get carried away by your dreams. Be relatively indifferent to the aim you want to achieve. It will allow you to be more flexible and adapt your goals to the current situation. Besides, such attitude will reduce the level of your anxiety and help you to gain composure when it is necessary.

5.Get angry. Remember your previous offenses and abuses – when being angry people become more active. This seemingly negative emotion can motivate us to reach goals in order, at least, to show our offenders that we are not losers. Anger is a strong mechanism of increasing our motivation, so make some use out of this aggressive feeling.

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