Your teen daughter is pregnant.

This news could hardly make you happy. Nevertheless you should support your child who feels no less confused and lost. It seems like parents in the situation are the only people who could help. Obviously it was unplanned pregnancy. She is frightened and probably is ashamed. Her classmates are discussing the details of her private life, the teachers at school are criticizing her as well. Even though you are angry with your irresponsible daughter or even shocked you should support her. Well, you can change nothing. Your kid needs your love and appreciation most of all and that’s it. Her life has changed. And there is no point to blame her or criticize. It would be the easiest way in the situation. Get rid of negative feelings and thoughts. You should move on and there is no point in dwelling on it again and again. You should help her to solve the problem.

She shouldn’t neglect parental care first of all. It concerns her health. Think of her future and her child’s health as well. It is very important. She is a child and probably does not take some things too seriously. You should prepare her for it. So your daughter must consult a doctor regularly. It is a must.

It would be difficult for your family. But at the same time you should realize that it is difficult for her most of all. Talk to a father. In many cases those fathers do not care much about the situation. It happens mainly because they are frightened and are not ready to bear the responsibility. They are kids and are afraid of being punished. Well, no matter what his position is he should know about your decisions as well. And of course you should not waste your time blaming him and his family. It is senseless.

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