Marriage to a foreigner.

To marry a foreigner can be exciting. You are getting married a person of a different background. That's why it can be pretty difficult for both of you. Especially for you in case you are going to move to another place. Some women do not care much and decide to move to another country. The things get worse if you do not speak his native language. Well, there are many girls who are dreaming to move to the States without knowing a word in English. And it turns out to be okay for them at first sight. The scenario reminds me a plot of a drama Birthday Girl by Jez Butterworth. Things go too fast and you can hardly control the situation.

Staying abroad you should remember that you have no rights. Of course your significant other would support and help you. But you never know what could happen to you. I mean it is pretty decisive action to get married a foreigner you have known for a couple of months. Are you sure you can trust this person? What do you know about him and his life? Many women tend to ignore it. And then it may turn out you have met a monster. There are so many examples of unfortunate wives who have made a mistake by moving to other countries. At first sight many things seem to be perfect. Later you realize you have met a wrong man. Then what? Would you have a chance to leave him? What about your kids? You see a marriage to a foreigner can be really complicated.

It would be definitely difficult for you to be with a man of different culture especially if you know nothing about his traditions and customs. And you can hardly require anything. At least he can ignore your needs and demands. What could you do to him? Actually you can do nothing.

It would be a challenge to marry a foreigner of a different religion as well. In the case your marriage should be based on respect and tolerance. Both of you should realize it. Otherwise your relationship wouldn't last long. And it would be pretty problematic for you first of all.

What you gonna do staying abroad? It would be unbearable for you to spend days long staying at home and doing nothing. Are you going to work? You should busy yourself. Have you discussed the issue with your husband? Think of it as well.

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