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Interesting Ways to Reach Your Goals

It is used to believe that purposeful people fly to their aim, or walk to eat if they can not fly, or crawl to towards it if they can not walk or lie in the direction of this aim if they can not crawl to it. However, this stubbornness is not the only way to reach your dream.

  • Be lazy deliberately. The most common obstacle on the way to your dream is your laziness. The reverse side of laziness is the sense of guilt. The lazier we are, the lower our self-respect becomes. In order to get rid of this sense of guilt you should legalize your laziness and accept this condition as necessary for you. However, you should establish strict time limits – for instance, be absolutely lazy for two hours and then start working actively.

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Course for the Beginners

Unfinished scarf is forgotten somewhere in your wardrobe, manual for studying French acquires a new layer of dust on the shelf, your season ticket to local fitness club has already expired – is this picture familiar to you? If so, my congratulations – you belong to a huge group of the “beginners” – people who are full of interesting ideas and useful projects but who can not lead any of the up to the end.

First of all, note that there is no need to panic. Let’s take, for instance, Leonardo da Vinci – his mezzanine was full of unfinished projects, paintings, murals as well. However, such famous neighborhood is not the reason to relax – it is a way better to learn how cope with unfinished tasks once and for all.

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